6 Major Dos and Don’ts of Decorating a Tiny House – Idée Recette

Living in a tiny house comes with its own unique decorating challenges. With limited space, every furnishing and design choice needs careful consideration.

We spoke with tiny house experts and owners to get their best tips for optimizing small spaces. Here are the top 6 dos and don’ts for decorating a tiny house.

Do Scale Up Your Furnishings

When furnishing a compact abode, oversized items will quickly make the space feel cramped and cluttered. Look for smaller-scale furniture, or size up existing pieces with petite-sized accents.

“We paired our full-sized sofa with throw pillows in various sizes and textures to make it feel more fitting for the room.

Lighting fixtures, art pieces, and decor items should also be sized up. Hang oversized wall art or mirrors to give the illusion of more space.

Don’t Clutter Your Limited Storage

With tiny square footage, every inch of storage space is precious real estate. Avoid buying unnecessary items that will take up valuable storage rooms.

  • Minimal kitchen gadgets – pick versatile tools like an Instant Pot.
  • Folding/movable furniture – Murphy beds, storage ottomans.
  • Dual-purpose decor – side tables with storage, benches with lift-up seats.

Do Use Light, Bright Color Schemes

Light, airy colors like white and soft neutrals instantly make rooms feel more spacious and open. Use light hues on your walls, furniture, and decor accents.

Paint ceilings white and use soft off-whites or greys on walls to bounce light around. Add organic elements like rattan, jute, or wood textures to keep the neutral palette from feeling cold.

Don’t Block Natural Light and Airflow

Letting in ample daylight and fresh air prevents a cramped ambiance. Position furniture to allow sunlight to filter through windows and open airflow between rooms.

Maximize window views by limiting window dressings to light sheers or curtains. Add skylights or solar tubes to introduce natural light to interior rooms.

Do Opt For Multifunctional Furnishings

From space-saving furniture to multi-tasking decor, look for items that can serve multiple purposes in your petite pads.

Creative tiny home duplexes:

  • Ottomans with storage space inside.
  • Fold down desks/tables on hinges.
  • Benches that convert into guest beds.
  • Shelving units that double as room dividers.

Don’t Overlook Vertical Storage Potential

While square footage may be limited, vertical space offers ample opportunity for storage solutions. Install wall-mounted shelving, lofts, and floor-to-ceiling cabinets.

Maximize vertical storage around the home:

  • Shelving & cubbies going up to the ceiling
  • Hanging rods & racks on walls for utensils & bikes
  • Lofted beds with storage space beneath
  • Multi-tiered plant stands displaying greenery

The same small-space principles used in tiny homes can also be applied to small apartments. No matter how compact your living quarters are, a mindful design approach allows you to make the most of your square footage.

By scaling up furnishings, eliminating clutter, and leveraging vertical space, you can live comfortably in even the tiniest of homes.

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