Corona virus prevention tips

In view of the news about the spread of the Coronavirus, this virus is considered a dangerous virus, and
the danger of this virus is evident in the transmission from a sick person to a healthy person, meaning
from one person to another through shaking hands, social closeness, or touching material things in
which the virus is present, The danger of the Corona virus is also reflected in the weakening of the
body’s immunity, but in some cases it eliminates the body’s immunity, and this is a very dangerous
matter because this virus is not seen with the naked eye. This calls for taking a set of measures and
precautions necessary to prevent the spread and spread of this virus, now as we say prevention is better
than treatment Therefore, prevention must be adhered to by making all necessary precautions, in order
to stay healthy and also to preserve the health of every member of the family,
That is why in this article we will talk about the most important precautions necessary to avoid
the dangers of this virus, and we will also talk about the negative habits that must be avoided in
order to prevent the spread of this virus.


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