Florida Senate Overhauls Auto Insurance Requirements: What Florida Drivers Need to Know

Florida senators are looking to pass a bill without knowing how it will impact drivers.

If Senate Bill 54 passes the House, by January 1, 2022, nearly every motorist in Florida must have a new insurance policy—but no one knows for sure whether Floridian drivers will pay more or less in car insurance premiums.

Currently, Florida possesses an unusual “no-fault” auto insurance system—and some of the highest insurance premiums in the nation.

However, lawmakers are expecting to pass a bill that will enact the most sweeping changes to the state’s auto insurance laws since the 1970s.

The Florida Senate passed this bill with no independent analysis, so its effect on the state’s premiums as a whole is almost entirely unknown.

Since every Floridian driver would be required to possess bodily injury coverage, many drivers will be forced to add additional coverage to their plans—so the prices for the poorest drivers will likely increase.


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