A Man Recieved $700,000 As Insurance Coverage For A Car Crash: These Important Infos About Insurance And Its Benifits Will Make You Set Your Mind

For Mark Gottlierb, life changed when another driver crashed into his car. The accident caused damage to four vertebrae in the upper section of his spinal cord and smashed six teeth. He had his smashed teeth crowned, physical therapy, and chiropractic care for his back pain in the months that followed. His car insurance covered all these expenses and treatments.

The law in New Jersey requires that drivers have personal injury protection and insurance coverage that will take care of their medical expenses in an accident. In our case, Gottlierb got the maximum of $250,000. However, the pain was still present, and as such, his back and spinal cord required surgery. This is exactly when things started to get complicated for Gottlierb, but eventually, he didn’t expect the surprise that was ahead of him.


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