Malcolm X’s Daughter Was Found Dead In Her House, The Cause Is Unknown And No Suspects On The Radar.

The late civil rights leader Malcolm X’s daughter, Malikah Shabazz, was found dead in Brooklyn,right in few days after the 2 men convicted for her father’s assassination were declared innocents; confirmed by TMZ.

“Shabazz’s death doesn’t seem to be suspecious”, this is what law enforcement sources told us. She was found on the floor in her living room by her daughter.
This seemed a bit mysterious as just last week Muhammad Aziz and Khalil Islam (died in 2009) were declared innocents after decades of long investigation.

Malcolm X was only 39 when he was assassinated in New-York in 1965. Malikah Shabbazz was one of his 6 kids with his wife Betty Shabbazz.

Recently on TMZ, we had the director and producer of Netflix documentary “who killed Malcolm X?”, Phil Bertelsen , to talk about the reaction of Muhammad Aziz when he found out that he was declared innocent..
“it was a very emotinal moment” he said.

Malikah died at 56 years and her cause of death still remains unknown.


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