The film is being produced by Tim White and Trevor White through Star Trailer Entertainment, and Smith will be co-produced by his company, Overbrook Entertainment. Two sisters, Venus and Serena Williams, are tennis legends. They grew up in Compton, one of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Los Angeles, and followed a plan laid down by their father even before they were born, to dominate women’s tennis. Richard Williams encouraged his two daughters from a young age to professional tennis, believing that they would be the best in the world.

Movie Story

King Richard is an American biographical drama film in preparation directed by Reinaldo Marcos Green and written by Zack Palin. The film stars are : Will Smith, Jon Bernthal, Unjano Ailes, Sania Sidney and Demi Singleton.

The film tells the true story of a family whose determination and unlimited faith led to the emergence of two sports stars who became legends in the world of sports: Venus and Serena Williams. Armed with meticulous vision and a solid 78-page plan, Richard Williams is determined to get his daughters, Venus and Serena, into the history books, as he makes sure that they train continuously and in all weather conditions, both clear and rainy – on the forgotten and neglected tennis courts in Compton, California, USA. Based on the strong determination of the father and the balanced view of the mother with clear insight, which enabled them to overcome enormous obstacles and great expectations from them.

Although there are times when the movie seems like a modified version of his story, Smith shines as a star, combining charm, charisma and other unpleasant qualities to embody this complex and sometimes mysterious man. Always a controversial figure, Williams was outspoken in interviews, while developing a reputation for self-promotion that dismayed those who run the sport. But he was the motivating father who always had a plan. It all started when Williams saw Romanian player Virginia Rusici on TV, heard how much money she was earning , and decided to turn his family into a champion breeding company.

So before Serena and Venus were born, Williams wrote a 78-page manifesto plotting their path to glory, then forced the girls to live by those rules. The story starts in Compton, where a father trains his daughters by day and works as a security guard by night, making an effort to teach them the value of money and instill a strong work ethic in them. There are times when Mr. Williams looks like Mr. Miyagi from The Karate Kid, dispensing wisdom about sportsmanship, training them to face the media so they’re ready for the spotlight, and using Disney movies to teach the two girls about humility.

But Richard, in addition to being just a kind lovely person and a wonderful spirit, can at the same time be stubborn and nervous, qualities that lead him to look for a coach early on, and then again later when dealing with managers, clients and sponsors who all want a share of Those two girls. Since the Tennis Foundation was treating Richard as a scammer, he lost millions of dollars in the process. But racism also present, and becomes a central theme in the scenario as Richard battles stigma and prejudice on a daily basis. Palin’s script is not afraid to ask Williams’ motives either. There is no doubt that Richard dumped his wishes and dreams on his two girls, but when he knocked them out of the junior championship circuit to take them down a less conventional path, one wonders whether it was to prevent the pair from getting tired, as happened to so many tennis stars at the time, or due to fear feeling to stay away from him after becoming fame.

However, while King Richard is a two-part character study, Part Three is a sports movie, and it manages to live up to expectations in that aspect. There are early glimpses of the talent of the tennis duo sisters , but director Reinaldo Marcos Green keeps the rich detail cleverly until the right time. Then the two girls start to truly unleash their talent, just like Chris Powers’ music reminiscent of Jerry Goldsmith’s Rocky, and the result is a moment of pure film magic as they finally show off their super talent. It helps that Venus’ Sania Sidney and Serena’s Demi Singleton are up to their acting skill, and the lack of stunts in directing makes watching tennis so amazing. Both actresses shine and make you believe their bond is just as talented, sharing adorable scenes with coaches Paul Cohen and Rick Macy.

The movie’s secret weapon is the actress Anjano Ellis as Brandi, Richard’s long-suffering and devoted wife in the end. In public, Brandi stands with her husband and supports her daughters, and Ellis stars in scenes in which Brandi confronts Richard about his arrogance and betrayal. It’s the only indication that Richard is less committed to his family than the rest of the movie suggests, and his personal business dealings are succinctly questioned, then forgotten just as quickly. Despite these flaws, Smith does his best to get into Richard Williams’ head, performing as someone with a Louisiana accent with exaggerated body motions, but there are times when we feel he gives us the essence of a man. Smith manages to capture the ostentatious nature and courage when Richard is a salesman, but he does better when he invokes the fear behind his actions, the fear of not being respected, looking like an idiot and, ultimately, and of being wrong.

Serena won the US Open in 1999, and Venus won Wimbledon in 2000, and is considered the first legend in the world of tennis after winning 23 individual titles in the Grand Slam races, ranking second for the most championships after Margaret Court. With four Grand Slam singles titles, the US Open, Wimbledon, the French Open and the British Open at the same time, she is only the third player to do so twice, after Chris Everett and Rod Laver, while Venus has seven Grand Slam titles , with 14 titles for her sister .


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