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Solve the problem of high blood sugar quite easily

Diabetics suffer from many health problems, including high sugar, which reaches levels that pose a risk
to health, but this problem is due to many factors that may be random in the diet or laziness, lethargy,
excess weight, stress and anxiety.

And other factors that lead to a significant increase in blood sugar, so the best way to lower blood sugar
is to follow a healthy diet that lowers blood sugar and rely on foods that help significantly reduce blood
sugar, so we will explain You have some important that will help you solve this problem.

First : Following a healthy appropriate diet

we will explain to you a group of suitable foodstuffs to help you balance the level of sugar in the blood,

Green tea

Green tea is of Chinese origins, but all the people of the world consume it in abundance, and green tea
is characterized by a set of antioxidant properties, and a person can reduce blood sugar levels by
drinking three cups of regular green tea daily for two months.


Eating half a teaspoon a day of cinnamon increases the cells’ sensitivity to insulin that regulates blood
glucose, and in addition, cinnamon helps regulate cholesterol.


In cases of type 2 diabetes, a person can eat one gram of ginseng forty minutes before meals for two
months, or drink a cup of ginseng daily for three months.

The Garlic

Garlic is a natural antibiotic, as it reduces cholesterol and blood sugar and increases insulin intake for


Besides reducing the amount of carbohydrates absorbed by the body, the fenugreek also improves the
action of insulin in the blood.

In summary, we must rely entirely on a diet free of fat and sugars, relying on eating vegetables in most
meals, as well as relying on the materials we have mentioned, as the appropriate diet is what helps to
keep sugar in support and balance.

Second : Playing sports

If you suffer from high blood sugar, exercise is considered the best way. To improve your health for the
best, whether doing jogging or exercising strength or walking and other types of sports as sports play an
important phenomenon in burning excess sugars in the body, so continuing to exercise continuously
makes your health better

In short, in order to avoid high blood sugar, you must always rely on a healthy and balanced diet free of
sugar, in addition to the use of the nutrients that we mentioned with your daily meals, and you must
constantly exercise such as running and exercises strength which gives you better health and thus Avoid the problem of high blood sugar, you can also combine
appropriate diet with exercise regularly and continuously, which will keep you in a better position.

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