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Solving the problem of thinness and easy ways to grow muscles for bodybuilders

Most people suffer from thinness and difficulty in enlarging the muscles of the body, as we find that
many people, whether beginners in bodybuilding or who have practiced a certain period of
bodybuilding, they exercise and do not find satisfactory results, their goal is to enlarge the muscles and
get a perfect body

But the opposite happens, the thing that leads many people to losing hope and retiring from
bodybuilding, this problem is caused by a set of factors, whether psychological, health, or genetic, as
well as on the level of nutrition and the method of performing exercises, so we will explain to you a
group of Solutions that will help you get better results and a perfect body

First, healthy nutrition

A healthy balanced lunch is the most important element that should be talked about in this topic, since
the diet is the controller in performance and the body, and through proper healthy nutrition, the
muscles can be stimulated to grow significantly during exercises as well as gain more energy

Also, most people have a problem of thinness and lack of muscle growth due to lack of nutrition and lack
of dependence on a healthy, balanced diet, as well as the lack of adequate preparation of a diet, so you
should eat a meal at least an hour before exercise that contains a varied lunch that contains the
elements necessary for the body
Also, after exercise, you should eat a healthy lunch, and from the healthy foods that we advise you to
eat meat, especially red meat or fish, as well as eggs, as well as nuts, in addition to eating fruits and
vegetables permanently, all of these foods the body needs for muscle growth because they contain
important calories as well as proteins, sugars and carbohydrates And vitamins, which leads to rapid and
ideal muscle growth

Second: Performing exercises in the right ways

We find that most people do not exercise exercises related to strength and bodybuilding in the correct
required position, as they exercise most of the exercises in incorrect positions, which does not stimulate
the growth of body muscles.

Third : Take nutritional supplements Dietary

supplements are among the best ways to rely on for muscle growth, as nutritional supplements have a
great role in muscle growth by the fact that nutritional supplements contain all the nutrients that the
body needs in order to build muscle and it is preferable to rely on natural food supplements as they
benefit the body and muscles without Side effects, thus obtaining better results and a perfect body

In short, in order to increase muscle size and get rid of thinness, a set of necessary things must be
adhered to, including a healthy, balanced diet rich in vitamins, carbohydrates and proteins, along with a
diet program according to time and meals, as well as training in the correct positions with a varied
training program that includes all areas of the body.

As well as We find that most people suffer from the problem of thinness and lack of muscle growth, as
we find them complaining about this problem, but it is all because of them, as you find that they do not
know and do not apply effective methods and solutions to solve the problem of thinness, but must
adhere to the diet as well as the system at the level of exercises in order to obtain better results .

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