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The best solutions and tips to get rid of smoking easily

Recently, many people have become addicted to smoking, but it has become a part of their lives, and
this is not desirable, because smoking has posed a great danger to a person, whether on the level of his
health or as well as the psychological disorder of the person as well as the destruction of his social and
family relations with the fact that addicts to smoking destroy their lives gradually
In fact, we find that some people suffer from poor health because of this. However, they do not stop
smoking. They have two options, either to die or to quit smoking, but the best solution in this case is to
quit smoking, and smoking drains a person’s strength until he weakens and also makes him sad. As well
as smoking corrupts the family and social relationships of people, and this is not desirable.

As smoking has left many deaths around the world, and smoking is behind many patients, smoking is the
enemy of health, so the addict to smoking the thing that matters to him is spending the lust of the soul
for some time, but he does not know that he does the opposite, destroys himself and his health, and to
get happiness is necessary A person should give up his negative habits, including smoking,
And to pay attention to positive habits such as work and sports that make you a strong person
physically, mentally and psychologically, and smoking does the opposite of that destroys your health,
yourself and your mind, so do not let trivial things destroy you, so we will explain to you in this useful
article a set of important information as well as solutions and advice that must be relied upon To get rid
of smoking quite easily.

Smoking is defined as

a burning process of a substance that is often tobacco. This combustion produces nicotine, which has an
anesthetic effect on the brain, and then the body gets used to it and feels very difficult if it withdraws
from it and tries to leave it. From the above, we need to know two main elements in the smoking

first: What is tobacco?

It is a plant with leaves that are used directly in the manufacture of cigarettes, and it is important to
know that tobacco contains four thousand chemicals, among them a hundred toxic substances and sixtythree carcinogens called tar. Gas firing chambers in the United States. Tobacco cultivation is abundant in
North America and South America, but we must know that the effect of tobacco cultivation on the soil is
very negative, as it causes severe exhaustion of agricultural soils.

Second: What is nicotine?

It is a toxic compound, present in all parts of the tobacco plant without
exception, but it is more concentrated in tobacco leaves. It is interesting to know that nicotine is found
in tomatoes, potatoes and eggplant plants, but in very small proportions that do not cause a severe
impact on health. It is also found extensively in the leaves of the narcotic coca plant.

What are the types of smoking:

1: Cigarette

The most common type of smoking is closely related to cardiovascular disease and lung cancer.

2: Cigar

Although it is less common than smoking cigarettes, research has confirmed the
relationship of this type of smoking to lip and tongue cancer.

3: Smoking a pipe:

The least common type of smoking, which is like cigar smoking, causes lip and tongue

4: Hookah smoking:

It is the most common type of smoking in the Arab world, especially in the Gulf
region, the Levant and Egypt, and medical studies have proven that this type of smoking is no less
dangerous than smoking cigarettes, as some think, and causes the same diseases caused by cigarette
smoking, but more than that in that it is a strong mediator for the transmission of any bacterial infection
From one person to another. In order to fulfill the definition of smoking.

Smoking reasons


Accompanying friends, especially friends who are addicted to smoking, pose a danger to you, because if
you accompany bad friends, you will become more likely to be addicted to smoking. As for
accompanying good and positive friends, this will make you acquire positive habits that will make you a
positive person.

Thus, you move away from negative habits in order to stay in a better condition, and there are a lot of
children in fact they had a good upbringing, then after the accompaniment of bad friends they began to
smoke, which led to the destruction of their health and youth, as well as the destruction of their families
and social relationships. Friends have a big role in making you a positive person or a negative person
depending on the type of these friends, now positive friends will make you protect yourself from
smoking and negative habits. You must choose the right friends in order to stay in shape and good

but they do not know enough, and they doubt the veracity of this information, while some believe that
quitting smoking is impossible. So they don’t even think to try it, and once you try to convince the
smoker to quit cigarettes, he will find hundreds of logical arguments to justify continuing to take his
daily dose of poison.

Psychological causes of smoking addiction

After experiencing smoking for a period of time, cigarettes will become a part of the person’s
personality. He refuses to give it up, and smoking tools are seen as part of personal belongings, such as
lighters. Cigarette plates (ashtray), in addition to metal boxes for storing cigarettes, as the electronic
cigarette is the most revolutionary solution to combat psychological addiction.


Among the reasons that lead to resorting to smoking is imitation, whether the imitation of events that
were seen on television or the imitation of parents or other people, because other people and the
negative environment greatly affect the psyche of a person, which makes him want to experiment with
smoking also and then fall into the trap is he Addiction, which will destroy his whole life, imitation is of
two types, positive imitation and negative imitation, we must rely on positive imitation by imitating
positive people in their thoughts and actions in order to become positive.


Through fake and impressive smoking ads, most people smoke as these ads contain incentive fees and
videos motivating the purchase of cigarette packs, as the cigarette companies try to show their smoking
ads in a positive way, and we can find these ads either on television or in Social media sites, as smoking
companies seek to incorporate their advertisements into movies, programs and stories in order to affect
viewers in order to be attracted to smoking, so we must reduce fake ads that have great risks.

Absence of family control

The absence of the family’s control over children is one of the most important reasons that push them
to the path of smoking and after it, drugs and addiction, as this disintegration makes the father in one
valley, the mother in another valley, and the boy in another valley as well, which makes the son not find
a calm and appropriate atmosphere in the house This causes the boy to go out to the street, and he
finds in the bad people the concern, understanding and compassion that he did not find in the family, so
the boy begins on a way to being lost and deviated.

A means of liberation from pressures and burdens

Many people suffer from mental disorders and nervousness, and when a person happens to have sad
events or is required to accomplish many tasks in a short time, but he is unable to do so, then he
becomes stressed and depressed, so he turns to a cigarette and puts it on his lips and takes out his
breath and prepares for him to come out with the smoke. The many psychological diseases that he goes
through and he cannot dispense with, regardless of the serious diseases that he will be exposed to as a
result of his association with tobacco in this excessive way.

Why do teenagers smoke?

Teenage smoking can start innocently, but it can continue to grow into a bad habit that cannot be quit.
In fact, most adult smokers started smoking at a young age, believing that smoking enters the adult
world faster, and here are some of the reasons for smoking among adolescents:

A teenager may resort to smoking due to several reasons, such as imagining that this habit gives him a
kind of independence, as he sees in this habit a kind of « prestige » and social sophistication, and that he
appears more attractive when carrying a cigarette; There are those who see smoking as a symbol of the
modern spirit and a manifestation of urbanization, which young people resort to with the
encouragement of friends and classmates, so the process of refusing the smoking experiment has
become a difficult process that requires a firm conviction of the dangers of smoking, and a strong
personality to withstand the repeated temptations of friends that freedom lies Smoking.

smoking hazards

Cancer :

Lung cancer is the leading cancer caused by the dangers of smoking. This is cancer that occurs almost
exclusively in smokers. Smoking one pack of cigarettes a day for more than 30 years increases the risk of
lung cancer by 25 times.

This is a type of cancer that even early detection does not necessarily help cure it. Today, lung cancer is
the number one cause of death in smokers worldwide. Other types of common cancer due to the
dangers of smoking are colon cancer, oropharyngeal cancer, bladder cancer, esophageal cancer and
kidney cancer..

Destruction of a person’s psychological state :

Smoking reduces a person’s level of activity and fitness, so the addict becomes lazy and loses the vitality
and activity he will need during his day, so smoking makes him from a positive person to a negative
person, as you will find it difficult to perform exercise or do daily activities, this is not desirable.

The damages of smoking on the respiratory system :

When you inhale smoke, you are consuming substances that can damage your lungs, and over time this
damage leads to a variety of problems that cannot be reversed, including: Emphysema, destruction of
the alveoli in the lung, Chronic bronchitis, which is a permanent infection that affects the lining of the
breathing tubes in the lungs. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), Lung Caneasil.

Damages of smoking on the heart and blood vessels :

Smoking damages the cardiovascular system, and causes blood vessels to tighten, which limits blood
flow, and over time can cause persistent narrowing, in addition to damage to blood vessels .

Damages of smoking on the liver :

Smoking leads to a deterioration in liver function, as it is known that the liver gets rid of toxins that
enter the body, so we find it always in a state of continuous work until it can get rid of nicotine and
expel it outside the body, but what happens is that the liver cannot completely get rid of nicotine, What
is left of it is found inside the liver.

Therefore, after a period of nicotine accumulation in the liver, hepatocytes weaken and are not able to
carry out their functions fully, which affects the liver in general in the long run.

Ulcerative colitis :

Ulcerative colitis is one of the famous diseases that result from smoking in general, as this disease
affects the mucous membrane of the colon and rectum only, and causes great pain in the abdominal
area, as well as complications such as diarrhea and bleeding, and it is worth noting that this disease is
one of the diseases that can Affects smokers, even after quitting smoking for 20 years.

Damages of smoking on the digestive system :

Smoking affects all body systems without exception, as it increases the risk of developing cancers of the
mouth, throat, throat, and even the esophagus and pancreas. This applies to people who are exposed to
secondhand smoke as well, as they are at risk of developing many different types of cancer. Smoking has
an effect on insulin as well, making the smoker vulnerable to insulin resistance, which increases your risk
of developing type 2 diabetes.

Death :

Because of smoking, the number of deaths in the world increases with the passage of time, as smoking
causes a lot of diseases, which leads to poor health, and thus his fate is death.
Smoking is also a great danger for humans, as smokers kill themselves daily, gradually, he is oblivious, as
life and health are more important than smoking.

Solutions and tips to get rid of smoking :

get away from smoking gradually

If you are having great difficulty quitting smoking, you can tame yourself on the lack of cigarettes and
the times when you smoke gradually day after day, and you will find yourself smoking a small amount,
after which you will be able to live your life without smoking

fill your daily time with what is important

Free time is what makes most people think about smoking, as you should occupy yourself with
important things and do not allow yourself a specific free time so that you do not think about smoking.
And practice your favorite hobby, which will make you stop smoking and thus try to avoid it


Among the things that must be done to avoid smoking is to exercise, whether running, bodybuilding or
playing basketball, and it is preferable to practice the sport that you love as some people love
bodybuilding, which will increase your interest in developing your physical fitness, as well as your
interest in the sport that you like, the thing that will make you stay away from smoking

compensate for smoking with a meal you love and addicted to

Every time you think of smoking at the same time think of a delicious meal you love so that you replace
smoking with that meal on a daily basis, which will prevent you from smoking


If you feel that you are about to give in to your craving for tobacco, tell yourself that you will have to
wait an additional 10 minutes. Then do something to distract yourself during that time period. Try to go
to a public, non-smoking area. These simple tricks may be enough to delay your craving for tobacco.

Avoid trburdens

The urgency to smoke tobacco is likely to be greatest in situations where you have smoked or chewed
tobacco most often, such as parties and drinking bars, or when you are under psychological stress or
when you drink coffee. Identify exciting situations and create an appropriate plan to avoid them
completely or deal with them successfully without using tobacco. Don’t push yourself to relapse. If you
used to smoke when speaking on the phone, for example, keep a pen and paper near you to distract
yourself with fiddling drawing instead of smoking.

Seek help from others

Some hesitation is normal at first, but when a person takes a step to quitting smoking, family, friends,
and co-workers can make a big difference by: Offering help and emotional support. This is through:
mentioning the harms of smoking, not smoking in its presence, and trying to sit in the non-smoking

Be Physically Active

Physical activities can help distract you from and reduce cravings for tobacco. Even a short period of
physical activity – such as going up and down the stairs a few times – can eliminate tobacco cravings.
Take a small walk or jog. If you are obligated to stay at home or in the office, try squats, deep knee
bends, body-pushing exercises, and running from a steady position or going up and down a number of
stairs. If physical activity doesn’t interest you, try prayer, embroidery, woodwork, or a journal. Or do
household chores for distraction like vacuuming or filling out certain forms.

Hire expert adviser

Visit a smoking cessation clinic to seek the advice of a doctor who specializes in quitting. Call the
smoking cessation line if it is present in your country, as it offers psychological support and counseling.
He also explored some alternative therapies such as hypnosis, laser technology, acupuncture, yoga and

In short, smoking is considered a great destruction to the soul, health and life, so smoking in the view of
some is life, but in fact it is life destructive, and this we find in reality, as smoking caused many health
problems such as cancer and other problems as well as the cause of smoking in psychological problems,
tension and stress And nervousness and depression, as well as the cause of smoking in death around the
world and a lot of the negatives and damages caused by smoking, so the only solution to this problem is
self-control, avoiding smoking and adhering to positive habits that make you stay away from smoking
And . Among the things that must be done is to challenge yourself not to smoke most of the time until
you quit smoking gradually, as well as challenge yourself to leave the negative habits that make you
smoke as well as make sure to fill your free time with what is useful now. Challenge yourself brings
strength and positivity.
This is why we must commit to self-control and change ourselves and our thoughts in order to change
our lives and our health for the better. Now health is priceless. It requires addicts to use positive
alternatives in order to break away smoking.

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