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The best ways to care for your dog

Before bringing a dog into your family, it is important to know how to take care of it. He must meet their
physical and emotional needs. This means providing nutritious food, clean water, protection and the
opportunity to live in a safe home. It also means making sure the dog is happy by providing enough play
time, plenty of exercise, and mental stimulation. Grooming a dog is a huge responsibility, and owning
dogs is not easy. However, this work will help you build a relationship of love and trust with a new
important member of his family.

Keep your dog’s nails cut off

It can be difficult to cut your dog’s nails, but it is important that your paws stay healthy. Take it slowly
and regularly, making sure that your cuts are not near the fast-moving part of the nail that is still alive.
Cutting the rapier could make your dog very, very resistant to cutting nails in the future. Teach your dog
to associate nail polishes with good things. Give your puppy a reward after the cut or take him on a trip
to the park. Whatever you do, stay optimistic about cutting no matter how hard your puppy’s nails are.
Ask your veterinarian about feed recommendations.
Your veterinarian may be able to guide you to food that is perfect for your puppy, and he or she may
also have recommendations on how much to feed the dog.

Feed your dog regularly

It is recommended to feed your dog twice a day. [3] Calculate the appropriate amount you should give
your dog on a daily basis, which is normally found on the packaging of dog food, and divide this amount
in half. Feed your dog in the first half of the morning and in the second half of the evening. A stable
eating routine can also help you with home training. Dogs usually need to go to the bathroom 20 to 30
minutes after eating.

Give your dog water

Food is not the only thing your dog needs to survive. Water is just as important, if not more important.
Give your dog free access to water at all times. This does not mean that you should give her access to
water if this is not practical, for example if you are sitting in the car. However, if possible, provide a bowl
of drinking water.

Vaccination of your dog

Your veterinarian advises you of common diseases in the region and of the diseases to be vaccinated. In
general, vaccinations are kept up to date with regular booster shots that can be given annually or every
three years, depending on the disease. In most states, you must vaccinate the dog against rabies. While
not required by law, it’s a good idea to protect your pet (and you) from this deadly disease.


Make sure your dog regularly exercises to keep him in shape. If you are in good shape, your dog will be
able to better participate in the activities he likes.


Dogs are social creatures and must interact with their owners. Quality time helps you get to know your
dog better and understand his special needs, and improves your ability to recognize the first signs of a
disease that may develop. In addition, the time it takes to develop a relationship helps avoid many
unwanted patterns of behavior.
Train your dog to follow simple commands.
Training puppies and dogs can be very helpful. The more your dog follows basic and necessary
commands, the more likely it is that your dog will live a safe and long life.


If you do not intend to create puppies, neutering or neutering is a certain option. If you plan to breed
your dog, or if you are protesting against castration and castration for other reasons, take appropriate
measures to avoid mistakes. Ask your vet about other options available.


Many breeds are susceptible to gum disease, which can have serious consequences. The infection
resulting from this condition leads to premature tooth loss and can often cause infections of the main
organs including the heart valves.
Don’t look at the cladding and the size of the nails.
Long-haired dogs tend to develop mats and ice cream scoops in their hair. Overgrown nails are common
in older dogs and can make walking difficult. In addition, these nails break much more often, which can
be very painful.


Protection against weather influences and dangers as well as good hygiene are essential for a high
quality for the dog’s envirnment


Maintaining optimal hydration is important for health and energy.


Obese people and animals can harm health in several ways. Follow the nutritional recommendations
that your veterinarian will make based on your dog’s nutritional needs, depending on size, age, activity
level, and breed. Remember to offer healthy treats instead of table waste as a reward.

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