More than 125 people have filed class-action lawsuits against US rapper Travis Scott, seeking damages of up to $750 million, after the crowd’s stampede at his Astroworld concert caused ten deaths and dozens of injuries. The 125 people want to sue American superstar Travis Scott and his co-star Drake, as well as the Apple Music platform that broadcast the concert, LiveNation, Epic Records, and Cactus Jack records, which created the festival in 2018. A family lawyer believes The ongoing investigation will show that Apple Music, Epic Records, and several companies that have benefited from Astroworld will share legal liability before a jury in a Texas court, indicating his willingness to file another class complaint on behalf of 100 other families of the victims.

According to AFP, the death toll from a concert by rapper Travis Scott in the US state of Texas has risen to ten, after a nine-year-old boy died of his injuries during the event. About 50,000 people gathered at the NRG Park to attend rapper Travis Scott’s concert on the fifth of the month at the Astroworld Festival, when a stampede led to dozens of people falling to the ground, and some of them fainted from lack of oxygen, while others were trampled under the feet of the pedestrians.

Several foreign reports revealed that international superstar Travis Scott refunded the attendees at his last Astroworld concert, which left 8 dead, aged between 14 and 27, and hundreds injured due to the crowd scrambling to go in the front rows of the festival. Lawsuits brought by Houston attorney Tony Busby, who is representing at least 35 victims of the concert, accuse Travis Scott and the festival organizers of gross negligence due to the chaos at the concert. It is noteworthy that after the tragic accident, Scott commented through a statement, in which he said that he was completely devastated by what happened and his prayers for the families and all those affected by the disaster of Astroworld Festival. He added that he is committed to working with the Houston community to heal and support families in need, thanking the Fire Department, and NRG Park for their immediate response and support.

According to Texas fire chief, the accident occurred due to a stampede of the crowd, and when people started pressing towards the front of the stage, causing a case of mass casualties between the audience, and reports revealed that nearly 300 people were injured at the concert, and 11 people suffered a heart attack due to the condition of the audience. Panic and stampede, and a many of them died, and the audience circulated many videos from the ceremony, as well as videos of ambulances entering the concert venue, and the event topped the communication sites in the last hours. According to a report in Variety, international superstar Travis Scott refunded all attendees’ money at his latest Astroworld concert, as well as canceling his upcoming Day N Vegas Festival concert. It is noteworthy that Scott, after killing eight people at the party and that he did not imagine such a thing to happen, has been convicted twice in the past for encouraging attendees to jump over security barriers and scramble towards the stage at his concerts.

In the lawsuit, Paredes says that the injuries and deaths were caused by negligence, indifference and recklessness” shown by the defendants, their agents, and employees and workers involved in property, management, maintenance, operations, supervision and control at the venue where the ceremony was held. In this regard, it is indicated that many begged for the intrusion of security guards, and the help of the guards. In this context, the lawyer Thomas Henry, who represents Paredes, said that all indications are that the singers, organizers, and custodians of the venue were aware of the extreme chaos that prevailed among the audience, and even of injuries and possible deaths. The bloody party, putting material gains above all other considerations.

Reportedly filed by Houston attorney Tony Busby, the lawsuit, among others, blames Travis and the party organizers for negligence in not planning proper planning, failing to train security personnel, and hosting a safe event. One of the plaintiffs in the lawsuit against Travis, Drake, and the organizers is the family of 21-year-old Alex Acosta, whose family alleges he was crushed so hard by an undisciplined, and an out-of-control mob that he could no longer breathe. Regarding the $750 million, the lawsuit states that it is to cover both the mental and physical health of those affected as well as the loss of life. Lawyer Tony told TMZ that no amount of money can restore life to a person, but the compensation required in this case is an attempt to repair the damages and losses suffered by the plaintiffs.

It is noteworthy that ten people died at the Astrowold Festival, the last of whom was a nine-year-old child, and the legal authorities are continuing their investigations to find out the cause of death. The news comes in conjunction with W magazine’s announcement that its new issue, with the cover of Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner, has been postponed due to the tragic events that occurred at the Austrowald Festival. A person who attended the Astro World Festival hosted by rappers Travis Scott and Drake has filed a lawsuit against the two stars, seeking damages of $1 million. In the details, Christian Paredes from Austin, Texas, claimed that the two rappers incited the masses, causing him severe injury and the death of eight people due to the stampede.

The scenes of the tragic ceremony spread through social networking sites, as people from the audience appeared in a state of fainting while Scott continued to sing. A video clip shows attendees begging the singer to stop singing, yelling “Stop the show” as people crouch under the feet of the crowd. It was revealed that the ages of the victims ranged from 14 to 27 years, while 13 people are still in the hospital where they are receiving treatment. Houston’s Donovon Davis recounts that everything was normal until Travis announced his exact date on stage. Then things got out of hand, crowds started jostling, people fell to the ground, one on top of each other, and there were layers of people on the ground. In a tweet, Scott pledged to work with the community in Houston to help recover and support families in need.


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